Where old times and good times meet

Welcome to Brundidge, Alabama. Home of 2,100 friendly folks and two or three ol’ grouches.

Brundidge isn’t the home of a United State president or a billionaire business tycoon but some right famous people have stopped here along the way to give our town some measure of fame.

Eddie Fisher ate at Mrs. Anderson’s Sandwich Shop; Lash LaRue cracked his whip on the stage of the Brundidge Picture Show; Jerry Lee Lewis performed at the National Guard Armory. Two of our high school gridiron stars, Fred Baxter and Cornelius Griffin played in the NFL. Fred was on the Super Bowl Patriots.

Helen Keller visited the Fleming sisters and played the piano for the neighbors. Truman Capote’s great-grandparents are buried in the old city cemetery and Minnie Pearl opened for the stumping Little Fightin’ Judge.

Hank William, Sr. married Audrey Sheppard from out at Shiloh. Hank Jr. comes around and stays around during deer season. That’s the stuff we can brag about.

We let others talk about the things that are really important about our community – the friendly atmosphere and the community spirit – the way we appreciate our differences celebrate our victories, share our joys and come together in times of sadness and sorrow. That’s Brundidge. That’s our town.

Brundidge is conveniently located almost equal distance between Montgomery and Dothan, about 50 miles, and eight miles south of Troy, home of Troy University.

Brundidge is less than three hours from Birmingham, Atlanta, the white sands and sparking waters of the Gulf Coast and the scenic mountain beauty of the foothills of the Appalachians.

If it’s football you like, Auburn University, the home of the 2010 National Football Champions is less than two hours away. The University of Alabama, home of the 2017 National Football Champions, is three hours up the pike. And, right here in Pike County, is Troy University, the home of the 4-Peat Sun Belt Football champs. And, we hesitate to mention that Florida State’s about three hours away, too.

Pike County has good fishing on its lakes and rivers and good deer and turkey hunting in its woodlands. The county has the outstanding Pioneer Museum of Alabama, the Johnson Center for the Arts, the We Piddle Around Theater, Rex’s Bluegrass Festival, TroyFest, the China Grove Parade and we could go on and on but that would be braggin’ and that’s not our style.

So, y’all come and see for yourself what a great place Pike County is. And, if you listen quietly, you can hear the crickets or the church chimes because we’re also all the quiet places where hearts can go in memory.